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Who is this not for?

2nd.MD is a revolutionary alternative to traditional medicine, allowing clients to talk to leading medical specialists online to ask a doctor medical questions. Therefore, 2nd.MD does not accept the following doctors:

Primary Care:

2nd.MD does not replace primary care. 2nd.MD offers a one-of-a-kind service dedicated to helping people talk to leading medical specialists online for medical second opinions.

Emergency Medicine:

Clients are directed to call 911 or visit their local emergency room for such needs.

2nd.MD is not the right choice for clients if they....

  • have an emergency
  • are looking for a prescription
  • need to be physically evaluated

How do you keep the bad doctors off the site?

While we have complete confidence in our doctor selection process, we cannot guarantee that everyone will always be satisfied with the information they receive from one of our doctors. We  empower our clients to give ratings and reviews on their experiences after each appointment. A doctor will be removed if: their client rating drops below an acceptable level or they have been reported on multiple occasions. Our goal is to provide clients with a revolutionary web-based medical resource with exemplary medical specialists that are both accomplished and professional.

What hours can I do this?

2nd.MD was built with the doctor’s schedule in mind. Open up appointments at any time, when it is convenient for you. 2nd.MD serves clients from around the world and in many different time zones.

Is it safe?

Yes, 2nd.MD takes all precautions to ensure the safety of our doctors. 2nd.MD is not the practice of medicine and therefore does not carry the same risks as traditional medicine. Here are five ways 2nd.MD strives to protect our doctors:

Less Risk: 2nd.MD is not the practice of medicine. We provide a revolutionary alternative to medical advice online, allowing clients to talk to a leading medical specialist through online video chat.  Doctors may receive questions about treatment options, latest research, medical symptoms, medical diagnosis, medical terminology help, or medical advice but doctors will not be asked for a diagnosis or a prescription.

Liability Coverage: 2nd.MD provides optional professional medical malpractice liability insurance of $1 million of coverage for only $3 per consultation.

Client Release: It is made immediately clear to clients in ‘Terms of Use’ that 2nd.MD does not provide medical diagnosis, treatment or prescription of any kind, nor does the consultation on 2nd.MD constitute a doctor-patient relationship.

HIPAA Compliant: 2nd.MD does not release your personal contact information to anyone. If you wish to give your contact information after a session you are free to do so. All medical information on 2nd.MD is secure and private. 2nd.MD is HIPAA compliant.

In Good Company: With doctors participating from leading institutions such as Johns Hopkins, Mayo, Massachusetts General Hospital, Miami Children’s Hospital, University of Chicago Medical Center, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Methodist Hospital, and more, 2nd.MD offers a personalized approach to medical care allowing great doctors to find their ideal clients online.

How will clients find me?

Clients are able to search and select a doctor based on our integrated search. Search results are based on possible matches to the keywords searched by the patient. A doctor is able to increase their chances of being found by increasing their number of relevant medical ‘tags’. During the sign-up process, each doctor is asked to tag a number of diseases, symptoms, medicals, and tests/procedures that they are specialized in. The doctor may add or remove tags at anytime within their account settings. Our search also incorporates all the information entered on each doctors profile page. If a client wished, they could search by place of work, education, even your name directly.

Okay, so what's the catch?

Life has not gotten any easier for doctors. 2nd.MD provides medical specialists with a unique opportunity to be sought out and compensated to consult with clients from your computer. Here are three reasons other doctors make time for 2nd.MD:


Many doctors would like to connect with more people in their field of interest. 2nd.MD brings doctors in front of people they might never usually get to help.


Because 2nd.MD doctors can work from anywhere and on any schedule, they are set free from the office and administration. Many have dreamed of the opportunity to sit at home and help someone.

Fair Pay:

The doctor sets their rate; clients decide whether the price is worth paying; and 2nd.MD pays the doctor quickly with no paperwork.

Additional Questions?

For any additional questions, feel free to call us at 1-866-841-2575 or send us an email to doctors@2nd.MD.