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Can I Participate?

2nd.MD was designed to not be the practice of medicine, for a few very important reasons:

1. So that doctors could consult across state and international borders.

2. So that the doctors and their institutions would have very limited liability.

3. So that doctors at the best institutions wouldn't have a conflict with their contracts (similar to an honorarium).


What does "not the practice of medicine" mean, exactly? Simply:

1. No prescribing,

2. No diagnosing,

3. No treatment.


What can you offer? Education from an expert:

1. Can you possibly help them or know who can?

2. Explaining options and next steps for their diagnosis;

3. Latest research and trends in your field;

4. Risks associated with treatments;

5. What to expect if they visit you: outcomes, recovery, costs, etc.

The Benefits of Being at 2nd.MD

On 2nd.MD Most Practices
Consult Anywhere, Anytime Check
Bi-Weekly Payment Check
Set Your Own Rate Check
No Paperwork Check
International Clients Check
Reach Your Ideal Client Check
Client Language Barrier Translators Available Translators Limited
Required for Consulting Laptop with Internet Nurse, Reception, Admin
Prescriptions Check
Physical Evaluations Check


No cost to join and no minimum number of appointments required.

We collect payment and pay you every other week via direct deposit.

We offer $1 million of liability coverage for just $3.

Being on our team means being the best - having the caring nature, experience,
and skills necessary to be recognized as a "top doctor" in your field.

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